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Ribadeo, door to paradise

Welcome to Ribadeo, a town located in the province of Lugo and in a privileged environment.

In the estuary of the Eo River. A protected natural space that marks the natural border between Asturias and Galicia. It is the Ribadeo estuary (also called the Eo estuary), for my taste, one of the most beautiful river basins in northern Spain. Magnificent landscapes appear around it, the simple contemplation of which relaxes the spirit. But the best thing is that this is not only pretty. The area offers a wealth of possibilities for visitors.

Navalin Apartments, your accommodation in Ribadeo

It is said that Ribadeo is a stone oasis on the coast of Lugo, a privileged area from a natural and landscape point of view. But where urban developments have not been very successful. Luckily Ribadeo is the exception, one of those towns that have not only managed to preserve their seafaring essence. It is also a town that preserves notable buildings, churches worthy of review... Walking through the old town of Ribadeo is a joy.

Ribadeo, a destination that shines with good weather

But what I like most is that Ribadeo is not its century-old stone mansions. Not even that smell of saltpeter that penetrates every corner. In summer, especially in July and August, when the good weather arrives, Ribadeo is also a holiday land. A tourist enclave brimming with terraces, bars, restaurants, and pubs that during the summer months are open well into the early hours of the morning. They are always packed with people. There is no loss, all of them are distributed among the pedestrian streets of the historic center.

Ribadeo is also a good place to stay on an excursion, a good place to base yourself while you move around. If you like to sleep surrounded by nature, the Navalin Apartments , recently opened and a treasure worth reviewing. They are already in Asturias, specifically in Tapia de Casariego but only 7 kilometers from Ribadeo, very close to the region of Los Oscos and Taramundi, recommended excursions if you spend a few days in the area.

Excursion to the Cathedrals beach

The time has come to talk about Cathedrals Beach, also called Augasantas Beach. One of the essential excursions in Ribadeo and without a doubt its best-known tourist resource. A treasure of nature. A work of art sculpted by the force of the always rough Cantabrian Sea.

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